Mark Vanhoenacker’s new book

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

One of the great pleasures of being active on Twitter, I have been able to connect and converse with folks I immensely admire. Nitin Sawhney, for example. I have often enjoyed my exchanges with Mark Vanhoenacker, a professional pilot and a writer who wrote the best-selling book, Skyfaring. I loved (and devoured) that book, and I wistfully reread it during the lockdown. 

(From the archives: My review of Skyfaring.)

He brings travel alive with the verve of a poet. I have been patiently waiting for his new book, Imagine a city: a journey across the urban world. As the name suggests, it is his paean to some of his favorite cities. Not surprisingly, it is getting good reviews. “Combines the god’s eye view… with street-by-street detail. The book will enchant and even move anyone who feared in recent years for the future of both travel and urbanism,” writes Financial Times. 

Mark sent me a copy, and I am currently reading the book and hope to have a chat with Mark (and share it with readers) soon. So far, the book is everything and more than I expected. FT is right — it is a perfect summer book.

Have a great weekend, everyone. 

July 22, 2022. San Francisco