Why We Need Blockchain Data Infrastructure To Build Web3

This post is by Katarina Krsikapa from Georgian

I’m Kat and I work on the Growth team here at Georgian. In my role, I spend most of my time looking for the most interesting companies within our thesis areas, having insightful conversations with co-founders and getting smart about emerging markets. 

One of those, of course, is Web3/crypto. It’s a space that’s been exciting to watch not only because of the massive amount of funding in the space but also the rapid pace of innovation and the talent that Web3 is attracting. 

At first, I found the Web3 world super intimidating and unintuitive. Last summer, I spent a lot of time reading and diving deeper, but until I downloaded Newton and started using the technology itself, it was harder for me to understand. I got more comfortable with the ecosystem by using Metamask and different exchanges, getting my own ETH domain and being part of various Discord/Telegram communities. Only then did I truly realize the potential of Web3.

One area I’m particularly excited about is blockchain data infrastructure, which can help build a new version of the internet, Web3, where people truly own their online identity and data.

In the current Web2 model, information is siloed and controlled by a few companies (namely, the FAANG companies). This can stifle innovation because, over the long term, reliance on a few winners that control most of the internet’s data means smaller companies struggle to build competitive solutions that would give people more choices on platforms they want to use. And, in (Read more…)