Sunday Reads and Listens…The Upside of Downside

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Sunday

I am about to plop down on the sofa and watch 8 hours of British Open before I play some late afternoon golf in San Diego.

What could go wrong?

I can’t remember if I have mentioned it here, but this summer I am weightlifting with a trainer. I had no plans to but on my regular bike ride down The Strand in Imperial Beach, I happened across a new gym (South Bay Muscle Gym) that is next to the coffee store/company (Trident Coffee) I stumbled on and invested in a few summers ago. The gym was a bike store the last few years. I stumbled in and the gym just felt right. I just finished my tenth session and I think I see an ab and a pec!?!?


Charlie, ever the optimist and studier of markets has a great piece with all the data titled ‘The Upside of Downside‘ which lends a little hope the investing weary.

Quickly to comedy…this Earthquake special is fantastic. Dave Chapelle is starting to produce shows of his favorite comics.

Now to Rolex…I am a huge fan of the brand and watches and we are investors in the fast growing high end watch marketplace ‘‘. This is a great podcast with Patrick O’ diving into the brand and company. Everything you ever needed to know.

Have a great Sunday.