Portfolio Company Walla Software Walla Software Lands $13M Investment to Help Boutique Fitness Studios Adapt To A New Normal

Good morning everyone.

It has been a while since I talked about a portfolio company.

Seeing I am in San Diego for the summer, I thought I would mention that our San Diego based fund three portfolio company Walla raised $13 million. The details are here.

We participated in the round and led the pre-product seed round as COVID began in 2020.

Software continues to eat the world from every angle and corner. Walla is Boutique studio software built to save time, capture more revenue, and delight studio clients.

The company was co-founded by Laura Munkholm and Doug Hecht. Doug and I have invested together in San Diego for a long time.

This category has been long dominated by Mind Body which is a legacy, clunky, customer despised, now private equity owned software company that Doug has been an executive with after selling his company to them in the past.

Built during COVID, the software allows boutiques to go virtual as well.

I am excited for Laura and Doug.





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