My Life in Coronado and San Diego

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Sunday…

My summer has started off with a high intensity mix of work, fitness and food. I am really enjoying it.

We have owned a home in Coronado, San Diego since 2010. We moved here in 2009 post the financial crisis in 2008.

In 2018 we moved back to Phoenix as Max and Rachel attended University of Arizona and so we spend summers only here on Coronado.

As a creature of habit, I rarely do much exploring.

The last few summers I have broken that habit and am continually surprised by the quality of neighborhoods and food and cycling terrain San Diego has to offer.

This summer, everyone in Coronado and Imperial beach are talking about the sewage problem in the ocean coming by way of Tijuana. It is finally reaching the stage where local politicians and Washington have a semblance of a plan. I was introduced to our Coronado mayor recently and plan to get more involved in some local support this summer and beyond.

The city/town of Coronado is in a perpetual boom.

The Hotel Del has has spent hundreds of millions in growth and upgrades and because of the military, the island is always safe, clean and in upgrade mode.

The Coronado bridge is a beautiful piece of engineering/art that is a gateway to the city of San Diego. You can live on Coronado and avoid heading to San Diego for weeks on end, but I prefer to cross the bridge at least once per (Read more...)