Day: June 27, 2022

Making Crypto Accessible to the Masses with Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale Investments

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On this week’s episode I sit down with the CEO of Grayscale Investments, Michael Sonnenshein.

Grayscale is one of the biggest heavyweights in the world of crypto investing. They offer investors direct access to crypto. Their premier product, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, is a long-bitcoin offering that anyone can access like they would a normal stock. You can simply buy the ticker. This is big, especially for folks looking to invest their money that exists in certain portfolios, like retirement savings accounts. With over 20b of assets across 17 investment vehicles they facilitate many people’s first interaction with crypto and Michael is at the center of it.

Crypto is currently down, the market is taking a hit seemingly in-line with the state of the broader stock markets so it was great to hear Michael’s perspective on the market and the future of crypto applications.

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The Elemental Composition of the Human Body

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Elements that make up the human body infographic

The Elemental Composition of a Human Body

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The human body is a miraculous, well-oiled, and exceptionally complex machine. It requires a multitude of functioning parts to come together for a person to live a healthy life—and every biological detail in our bodies, from the mundane to the most magical, is driven by just 21 chemical elements.

Of the 118 elements on Earth, just 21 of them are found in the human body. Together, they make up the medley of divergent molecules that combine to form our DNA, cells, tissues, and organs.

Based on data presented by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), in the above infographic, we have broken down a human body to its elemental composition and the percentages in which they exist.

These 21 elements can be categorized into three major blocks depending on the amount found in a human body, the main building block (4 elements), essential minerals (8 elements), and trace elements (9 elements).

The Elemental Four: Ingredients for Life

Four elements, namely, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, are considered the most essential elements found in our body.

Oxygen is the most abundant element in the human body, accounting for approximately 61% of a person’s mass. Given that around 60-70% of the body is water, (Read more...)

Visualizing Raw Material Inflation in Canada

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Raw material inflation in Canada

Raw Material Inflation in Canada

Inflation in Canada is climbing, and it has impacted the raw materials manufacturers use to produce goods. In fact, raw material prices have climbed 37% year-over-year on average.

More than half of manufacturers say this is one of their top challenges. In this graphic from Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), we show which materials have seen the biggest price spikes over the last year.

Inflation by Raw Material

The table below shows the rate of inflation in Canada for select raw materials from May 2021 to May 2022.

Raw MaterialCategoryPrice Change
(May 2021-May 2022)
CoalCrude Energy95.2%
Crude Oil & BitumenCrude Energy85.0%
Natural GasCrude Energy50.3%
Beans, Peas, & LentilsCrops43.3%
Logs & Forestry ProductsForestry Products & Natural Rubber42.1%
Scrap MetalMetal Ores & Scrap40.3%
PotashNon-metallic Minerals24.7%
Fish & Fishery ProductsAnimal Products23.7%
Lead & Zinc OresMetal Ores & Scrap21.2%
Cattle & CalvesAnimal Products10.2%
Eggs in ShellAnimal Products8.4%
PoultryAnimal Products8.3%
Sand, Gravel, & ClayNon-metallic Minerals8.1%
Fresh Fruit & NutsCrops8.0%
Nickel OresMetal Ores & Scrap5.8%
Tin, Iron Alloys, & Other OresMetal Ores & Scrap3.3%
Gold OresMetal Ores & Scrap2.1%
Natural RubberForestry Products & Natural Rubber1.4%

Crude energy materials led the rise, with the price of (Read more...)

The Year in AI So Far: Massive Models and How to Use Them

The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning moves very fast. So fast, in fact, that it’s remarkable to think that it was only a decade ago when the AlexNet model dominated the ImageNet competition and kicked off the process that made deep learning a bona fide technology movement. Today, after years of headlines about... Read More

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Momentum Monday – How Long Will Relief Rally Last?

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Good morning.

As always, Ivanhoff and I tour the market looking at momentum. You can watch/listen to this weeks show right here. I have embedded it below…

Ivanhoff shares this thoughts below:

The market is better at predicting the news than the news is at predicting the market. Financial markets typically look 6-9 months ahead and try to anticipate what could happen. They are currently betting that the Fed’s aggressive tightening policy is going to send the economy into recession and the Fed will have to stop hiking sooner than previously expected. As result inflation expectations are tapering and we saw a major mean reversion last week. The worst-hit groups year-to-date outperformed significantly last week – ARKK went up 18%, the cloud ETF – WCLD, went up 15%, biotech XBI went up 14%. In the meantime, the best performing sector year-to-date – oil & gas (XOP), lost 6%, tested its 200-day moving average and it is now down almost 30% from its annual highs.

The odds are that this is just another bear market bounce that will eventually be faded again. It is really hard to know how long it can last. The (Read more...)

The Philosophy that Underpins the Right: It’s Not What You Think

After the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade, I was chatting with someone who grew up in another country and hadn’t spent a lot of time in and around American politics. They were trying to understand the inherent contradictions between a theoretically conservative right that expands the government to legislate over personal decisions like the healthcare around a pregnancy.

It’s an interesting question—because when you examine the positions of the current Republican Party, they don’t seem to line up under any single philosophical framework. They might say that they’re pro-”life” but at almost every turn, when it comes to doing things that actually improve the health and welfare of people post-birth, they don’t want to spend the money on it. They consistently vote to take away healthcare benefits. They want to remove the tax credit for children. They don’t even want parents to have the ability to take extended leave from work to be with their newborns. They don’t want to provide education to these kids and they actively support the proliferation of weapons whose sole purpose is to take life away—even after school shootings kill multiple kids.

So, yeah… “Life” doesn’t seem to be the guiding principal—certainly not for a party that supports capital punishment.

It’s certainly not small government. They want to legislate pregnancy, marriage and there’s no end to which they’re willing to fund police forces and the military. A modern Republican government certainly isn’t a small one with a small reach into people’s lives.

How (Read more...)