Day: June 26, 2022

Some Sunday Reads and Listens – Laughs Edition

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning…

‘That’s My Time’ with Dave Lettermen is excellent. Dave’s opening monologues bring back great memories of Dave being smart and silly. He takes shots at Netflix stock and even Will Smith. I forget about his age. He also talks to comics which is what he should be doing. Short and sweet. Netflix has a hit series with this and I look forward to the next batch of them.

This Gary Vider joke showed up in my Instagram feed and made me laugh. The setting is what really caught me off guard for the punchline. I would not have expected this type of joke.

My friend Richard sent me this old Johnny Carson clip and it brought back memories of me probably seeing it live when I was a kid.

Talking about Carson, here is Gary Shandling’s very first Tonight Show appearance. I remembered watching it with dad and both of us laugh out loud.

Have a few laughs and a great Sunday

When you feel like it

This post is by Seth Godin from Seth's Blog

It’s possible to create a life where we only perform tasks when we feel like it.

More likely, though, we end up with commitments. Commitments require us to do work when they feel like it, regardless of whether we do or not.

And the best sorts of commitments create a positive cycle. We end up changing our attitude and our energy precisely because we said we would.

This is one reason why a long vacation can leave us in a torpor. Left to our own devices, we skid to a halt.