Comedy and NFT’s – Laugh Lounge is Happening

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Saturday.

My internal clock is all messed up after going San Diego to New York late Wednesday and back right away Friday.


I have hinted at working on a comedy venture and Thursday night in New York we had 100 friends join us at The Stand Comedy Club in NYC for a launch event.

Yes, I did do a few minutes alone on the stage explaining the motivation and idea and telling a few stories (they went over pretty well). Here is a couple of tweets:

I have been working with my friend Claude Shires (founder of Laugh Lounge) and his team at Laugh Lounge as well as my Social Leverage partner Matt on how to build a marketplace and also deeper community for people that love comedy.

I believe I have a good idea about how to use ‘Web 3’ as part of the company building.

My friend Brian calls our idea ‘crafty’ which is perfect. I want to be crafty and we want this idea to be ‘clever’. We also want the company to be lean and profitable early.

We are focused on building something that comedy fans will want to use and comedians will appreciate.

I believe we are in an era of company building when lot’s of capital and brute force will not define the big winners.

JC picked up on something interesting about the mood of the comics…the complete disdain for NFT’s and the stock market. The comedians can’t define NFT’s (nor (Read more...)