Decentralized Finance: Driving Towards Mass Adoption

Source: Block Data, 2021
Source: Block Data, 2021

It is the middle of 2022 and we are in the midst of another shock to the financial and crypto markets. We have seen that crypto is perhaps more correlated to the broader financial markets than we initially thought: Bitcoin is down ~70% from 2021 highs, hovering near prices not seen since 2020, while the Nasdaq is down more than 30% during the same period. Tech and crypto giants are announcing waves of layoffs amidst the shifting economic outlook. But as we enter another “crypto winter”, we are also seeing a profound resiliency from the crypto and web3 communities that are shifting into build mode.

As fintech investors, this is a signal that decentralization — the very promise that crypto offers financial services industry — is here to stay. This is a signal that we will soon move from decentralization for ideological reasons to decentralization for practical reasons — because it will in fact become cheaper, faster, and 10x better user experience.

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