The Missing Piece in the Modern Data Stack: Real-Time Transactional Integration

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Nnamdi Iregbulem recently penned a great article for Crunchbase News about “How the Modern Data Stack Is Going Real-Time,” in which he mentioned some of the most popular tools for building a real-time infrastructure. He also brought up some real-world use cases and showed how this trend is transforming our industry’s changing landscape. As someone closely involved in the very process of bringing about that change, though, I couldn’t help noticing that one very important piece of the puzzle was missing: real-time data ingestion from transactional databases.

In this blog, I’d like to continue the conversation that Nnamdi started by sharing my own perspectives on the modern data stack (MDS), why real-time data ingestion is an essential element of it, and how enterprises can make it part of their existing data infrastructure.


Defining the modern data stack

Competitive advantage in today’s world hinges on an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt rapidly to change. That means having a clear view of the environment, adequate information to assess the options, and the capacity to move quickly. Unfortunately, traditional data infrastructure and batch processing methods lack the speed (Read more...)