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Abe Finkelstein of Vintage Investment Partners on Israel, Tech Investing, and Living Through Multiple Market Cycles

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Angel Investment: Hyka Therapeutics

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We’re happy to announce that our family angel program (back 80+ entrepreneurs over eight years and donate all gains to charity; details here) has invested in Hyka Therapeutics. It is our 23rd investment so far (portfolio here). The company builds infrastructure to make innovative mental health treatments available to all people.  There’s a tremendous amount

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The Missing Piece in the Modern Data Stack: Real-Time Transactional Integration

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Nnamdi Iregbulem recently penned a great article for Crunchbase News about “How the Modern Data Stack Is Going Real-Time,” in which he mentioned some of the most popular tools for building a real-time infrastructure. He also brought up some real-world use cases and showed how this trend is transforming our industry’s changing landscape. As someone closely involved in the very process of bringing about that change, though, I couldn’t help noticing that one very important piece of the puzzle was missing: real-time data ingestion from transactional databases.

In this blog, I’d like to continue the conversation that Nnamdi started by sharing my own perspectives on the modern data stack (MDS), why real-time data ingestion is an essential element of it, and how enterprises can make it part of their existing data infrastructure.


Defining the modern data stack

Competitive advantage in today’s world hinges on an organization’s ability to innovate and adapt rapidly to change. That means having a clear view of the environment, adequate information to assess the options, and the capacity to move quickly. Unfortunately, traditional data infrastructure and batch processing methods lack the speed (Read more...)

How Affordable is Gas in Latin America?

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Comparing how affordable gas is across Latin America

How Affordable is Gas in Latin America?

As gas prices have risen around the world, not each region and country is impacted equally.

Globally, the average price for a liter of gas was $1.44 USD on June 13, 2022.

But the actual price at the pump, and how affordable that price is for residents, varies greatly from country to country. This is especially true in Latin America, a region widely regarded as one of the world’s most unequal regions in terms of its income and resource distribution.

Using monthly data from as of May 2022, this graphic by Latinometrics compares gas affordability in different countries across Latin America.

Gas Affordability in 19 Different Latin American Countries

To measure gas affordability, Latinometrics took the price of a liter of gas in 19 different Latin American countries and territories, and divided those figures by each country’s average daily income, using salary data from Statista.

Out of the 19 regions included in the dataset, Venezuela has the most affordable gas on the list. In Venezuela, a liter of gas is equivalent to roughly 1.3% of the country’s average daily income.

CountryGas price as of May 2022 (USD)% of average daily income
🇳🇮 Nicaragua$1.3714.0%
🇩🇴​ Dominican Republic$1.4112.6%
🇧🇷​ Brazil$1.4312.5%
🇵🇾​ Paraguay$1.3912.2%
🇵🇪 Peru$1.5310.2%
🇺🇾 Uruguay$1.929.8%
🇸🇻​ El Salvador$1.149.2%
​​🇭🇳​ Honduras$1.338.6%
🇲🇽​ Mexico$1.177.8%
🇬🇹​ Guatemala$1.447.7%
🇦🇷 Argentina$1.066.7%
🇨🇱​ Chile$1.376.6%
🇨🇷 (Read more...)

Insitro CEO on Dropping the PI Mindset and What Two Things We’ll Need for the Next AlphaFold

Daphne Koller is the founder and CEO or insitro. Prior to insitro, she served as Chief Computing Officer at Calico. She was also a Professor in the Computer Science department at Stanford University before making a mid-career transition to co-found Coursera.   In this interview, she shares some of the challenges with creating accurate machine learning... Read More

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We’re Crowdfunding the VC App! Support the Future of Data Storytelling

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For over a decade we’ve stood for a world where data can be understood by everyone.

Over that time, we’ve built an audience of over 85 million annual visitors, and now more than 300,000 people get our free daily email.

But all of that is just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Introducing the VC App

Today we’re unveiling our team’s most ambitious project yet and we need your help. We’re using Kickstarter to raise funds to build the VC App, to put all of the world’s best data storytelling at your fingertips.

The VC App will be the first app of its kind, combining verifiable and transparent data with beautiful, memorable visuals.

Not only will it include the thousands of visualizations we’ve already created and will be making in the future – but more importantly, it will empower data-driven creators from around the world to share stories through data about pretty much anything.

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Salesroom brings smart video to sales meetings with $8M in funding

This post is by Anamaria Iuga from Seedcamp

Disrupted by the pandemic, the business world had to adapt and integrate various digital tools into their operations in record time. While the transition to a virtual and remote modus operandi has unlocked a new level of business productivity across multiple industries, it also led to significant challenges, particularly for sales professionals. 

Historically in-person meetings with customers were a cornerstone of many sales cycles, helping sellers build rapport, navigate challenging conversations, and quickly get to the core of customer issues. To be successful in the new hybrid and remote business world, salespeople need the best tools to fulfill their potential and close deals.

That’s why we are excited to back Salesroom, an intelligent video conferencing platform that facilitates exceptional virtual meetings between buyers and sellers. Salesroom enables salespeople to create deeper connections with their customers and prospects and accelerate the sales cycle, through personalized meeting experience, video highlights, instant AI-driven insights about buyer engagement, and built-in meeting plans and agendas.

Founded by Roy Solomon, founder of Applause, a leading App Quality platform acquired by Vista Equity, and Daria Danilina, Sales Executive at Dropbox and HSBC, Salesroom is the only video conferencing solution built from the ground up to help salespeople break through. The platform offers bespoke capabilities beyond generic conferencing products, including real-time transcription, personalized guidance, and speaker prompts. 

“Modern salespeople have increasingly relied on virtual tools to more effectively build trust and sell to their buyers, an evolution that was accelerated by the pandemic. What (Read more...)

A Good Healthcare Experience ??!! One Medical Delivered

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I have been less than 50 percent the last week battling a nasty virus which was mostly a dry cough. It was wearing me out.

I don’t have a doctor I go to in Coronado, and just assumed it would take a week to get an appointment, so I called Gary my partner who is my ‘MacGyver’ of all things quality.

He said I should use ‘One Medical

I am such a cynic about healthcare, but I googled One Medical, found an office in downtown San Diego and had a same day appointment at their clinic almost immediately.

I downloaded the app and filled in a bit of information and was done.

At my appointment I only had to wait a few minutes and the doctor took me back and did all she thought he should do (luckily – for both of us – no prostate check necessary for the cough) and I was out with a prescription for something to help with the cough.

On the way out I set up a full physical a few weeks out.

The whole process felt like how healthcare should be. Sure, I am paying an extra monthly fee for this service but luckily I can afford it and I really just needed the attention because of how sick I felt that moment.

These types of comforts and conveniences are such a great reminder of the progress to be made in healthcare. I am glad we have been able to make (Read more...)