What Freedom Looks Like

This post is by Makisha Boothe from Hi, I'm David G. Cohen

Black women are the fastest-growing but still the least funded segment of the entrepreneur universe. That’s why, this Juneteenth, I’ve invited Makisha Boothe, Founder and Head Business Coach of Sistahbiz Global Network, a business accelerator for Black women entrepreneurs, to write this guest post which I invite you to help amplify. Makisha shares her thoughts on the unique challenges facing Black female entrepreneurs–and the work that still needs to be done to give Black women full access to the freedom that entrepreneurship can open up. – David

As we approach Juneteenth this year,  I reflect on the past two years of civil unrest that have happened in service of racial justice in the U.S. I am led to pause and honor the word freedom. I think about what it is supposed to mean in America versus how it actually looks.

I think about the efforts of so many in the economic opportunity and justice space and acknowledge that much of our “why” is about fighting for a dream of freedom that our country’s forefathers claimed to birth, that my ancestors fought to realize but that we have yet to see. 

I’ve led political coalitions, run for office, written policy, managed grassroots and grass tops work in healthcare, education, and criminal justice reform. So how did I land here in the later years of my career with laser-like focus on economic equality, closing the wealth gap, and creating more access to capital for Black women entrepreneurs at Sistahbiz Global (Read more…)