Goodbye Toronto and Chart Of The Day

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

As we battle through this bear market, I get so many questions about what I am reading, doing, thinking. I get so much research in my feeds and inbox I figured I will start sharing a chart or two a day that I find interesting.

If you want a great daily (free) look at the world from technicians I recommend The Chart Report which I skim everyday.

As the bear market torches the Nasdaq the hardest, the S&P has quickly melted down the last 3 days as energy joins the selloff. I thought this chart/tweet was interesting:

My US dollars (cash) are not burning a hole in my pocket, but I have the feeling it is time to put some of the overvalued dollars to work and buy some equities.

If this was just a typical selloff in a bull market, I would be allocating good money to the markets right here. Obviously, not the case today, but interesting nonetheless.


I am back in Phoenix (it is freaking hot) and off to Coronado today finally for the summer.

I do my best work from the porch!

My Toronto weekend with Rachel, family and friends was really great.

I met my new ‘great’ nephew Wes…

I had dinner with my best pals (from left – John, Steve, Rob) at House of Chan which we have been going to together for 40 plus years…

And I got my bagels at Bagel World.

One thing that I was surprised to see (Read more...)