It’s a Madhouse: Thoughts on Gun Reform and Being Serious about Real Problems

There is a moment in the original 'Planet of the Apes' where Charlton Heston's Astronaut Taylor screams out in horror of a world that is upside down.

"It's a Madhouse...a Madhouse."

Putting aside the fact that Heston himself was an NRA-loving gun nut, the phrase "Madhouse" keeps echoing through my brain as we suffer through yet another gun massacre (Robb Elementary School), less than a week following the last massacre (Buffalo Supermarket Shooting).

How can one political party (the GOP) sleep at night defending and doubling-down on a policy that results in a never-ending stream of mass shootings each year at our schools, places of worship, workplaces and shopping and entertainment venues?

Do you or anyone you care about hang out at any of those places?

Do you really want to live in a world where dying in a hail of bullets is a "roll of the dice" possibility?

Just in our recent lifetimes, the names below have become synonymous with mass death, and families that will never be whole again, for no other reason than ready access to AR-15 assault rifles by those full of hate, disgruntlement, racism, youthful anger, retribution or mental illness: 

  • Columbine High School (SCHOOL)
  • Virginia Tech (SCHOOL)
  • Aurora Movie Theater (ENTERTAINMENT VENUE)
  • Sandy Hook Elementary (SCHOOL)
  • Umpqua Community College (SCHOOL)
  • Planned Parenthood (PLACE OF WORK)
  • San Bernardino attack (PLACE OF WORK)
  • Pulse Nightclub (ENTERTAINMENT VENUE)
  • Las Vegas Music Festival (ENTERTAINMENT VENUE)
  • Sutherland Springs church (PLACE OF WORSHIP)
  • Stoneman Douglas High (Read more...)