The Best Cold Email Examples: The Ultimate Guide

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Cold emails can often end up in the junk folder or sent straight to spam. To avoid this problem, it’s important that you build an email that’s personalized, clever and thematic. In this article, we’ll look at the best cold email examples to avoid common pitfalls that get your emails deleted. We’ll also discuss what makes these email examples so great and how you can leverage these strategies yourself.


Cold email example No. 1: Focus on the prospect

More often than not, emails focus on you and your product rather than the prospect and what they need. These ill-fated emails usually start with a dump of features, flashy logos and some reviews from customers. The problem with this approach is that the recipient usually just tunes you out. Practically, this means your email winds up in the junk box, or worse, gets reported as spam.

How do you avoid this problem? Focus on the prospect instead! Rather than making the email about you and your company, make it about who you’re reaching out to. Let’s take a look at what a well-tailored prospect-focused email looks like:

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