10 Useful Things I Learned in 5 Years at Sprinklr

Techmeme, November, 2016

I’m excited to say that after 5+ years working at Sprinklr, the market leader for customer experience management and social media marketing for the world’s biggest organizations, I have resigned from my job and I’m soon on to my next adventure!

I thought I’d take this time to share some of the things I learned from my experience there.  I hope that some of the lessons I learned and some of the experiments I succeeded with will be useful for you, my friends, to help advance the practice of continuous, life-long, social-web-enabled, professional development and to support your success in work.  Let’s share and make the network smarter!

My time at Sprinklr consisted of helping the company grow from $100M in annual revenue to nearly $500M, from 1K employees to 3K, and through an IPO. That was amazing. I held VP level responsibilities for analyst relations, influencer relations, competitive intelligence, data journalism, social publishing, the customer community, live chat customer care (all at once), and some really cool custom market research projects to advise some of the biggest companies in the world.  (Don’t take on too many responsibilities at once, that’s one thing I learned.)  And of course I spent some time working on the influencer marketing product, but not that much. It’s been rebuilt inside of Sprinklr and I used it myself right up to my last day on the job.  Thanks to the Sprinklr product team for that. (I’ll be ok without it; my (Read more...)