Stay On Top of Market Trends With Our New VC+ Feature

This post is by Niccolo Conte from Visual Capitalist

In 2019, we launched our members’ program VC+, as a way to give our most passionate supporters even more visuals, data, and reports that help explain our complex world.

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Being a data-driven brand, we’re constantly listening to and gathering insights from our thousands of subscribers in order to make the VC+ experience even more valuable.

Based on their feedback, we’re rolling out a new monthly feature at the beginning of each month, highlighting what you need to know about the coming month in markets.

Here’s a bit more information about this special monthly dispatch, and what it will entail:

“What To Know: Markets this Month”

SPECIAL DISPATCH: Everything You Need to Know for This Month in the Markets

This VC+ Special Dispatch will provide a high-level summary of the most important global market trends to keep tabs on for the coming month. It’s our way of cutting through the noise and sending you data that matters—straight to your inbox.

The dispatch will include:

  • An economic calendar of the biggest data and earnings releases to be aware of
  • A look at how Big Tech stocks have fared since the start of 2021
  • Why the mortgage rate rally might be just beginning
  • And a handful of other essential charts you need to see

Coming Friday, May 6th, 2022 (Get VC+ to access)

Here’s what else is on for VC+ members in May 2022:

“Roundup: The Best of Space Content”

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