Sunday Reads and Listens – Get To Know Private Equity… and From ‘RIP Good Times’ to ‘Wake The F@*K Up’

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good Sunday morning everyone.

Today I have a lot to share and weave together as the markets are speaking very loudly.

I am hoping to test COVID negative this morning so I can leave the wonderful Bahamas and head home.

In the meantime, the staff at The Rosewood Hotel are taking great care of me. I can’t leave the room so everything in and around the Rosewood is brought to me. I could get used to this.


Back in the real world, at least the one I participate in, the markets are destroying the ill prepared.

When the markets get like this I read less and shrink my reading and call lists to the people that have been through nasty market cycles before.

I am paying close attention to the S&P 200 day moving average which we are now trading BELOW.

We are in a bear market. Doing less is important to me. Trade less, transact less, watch for new leadership.

The one bright spot I see across all markets is that private equity is FLUSH with cash.

I chose one article and one podcast to help readers here get caught up on the private equity I am talking about.

The article is titled ‘Apollo Rising‘ by Marc Rubinstein (he was recently on my podcast). On my podcast Marc said something that I have been telling seed stage founders for the last year re their valuation expectations…

Private investment should be driven by the (Read more...)