Crypto Bahamas With Team FTX – Some Thoughts…

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

I spent the week with my partner Matt (he leads web 3 investing for Social Leverage) and a lot of new and old friends in the Bahamas this week at the FTX crypto event.

I am not down any ‘rabbit holes’ partly because I am 56 and set in my ways. Crypto/Web 3 is money, culture, religion, community, media and trading …so it just is happening and here to stay. Period.

I have been investing in the crypto/web 3 economy for some time so at least I am part of the community that gathers at great events like this.

It was fun to see Rishi, the Stocktwits CEO, being recognized everywhere in his Stocktwits shirts. At Stocktwits, we worked hard back in 2015-2018 to make sure we tickerized this world for sharing ideas and conversation and continue to think about community and the of course the object that is the ticker.

I heard no discussion about Goldman or JP Morgan though many people that have left the banks were here networking. Refreshingly, there were no discussions about Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft at the event. Right now though it is Apple, Google and Amazon in that order that seem most relevant in this web 3 world.

Visa and Mastercard execs were roaming the halls though and they have made their presence felt which of course is good business as their rails are going to long be a part of web 3/crypto (face to face commerce is (Read more...)