I Love Mallorca ..

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

I am off for a second day of riding on the magical island of Mallorca.

My friend Ali Behnam has done a great job getting a group of his friends together for now twice a year European cycling adventures and I shnoodled my way in last year for his Dolomites cycling trip.

I invited two good friend of mine for this trip (Michael Kinsbergen and Roy Rubin). Michael got me motivated to get back into cycling in 2016 with my first trip to the Alps and the Stelvio ride.

We are at the hotel Son Brull which is ridiculously good. I am riding a Pinarello bike for the first time and I love it so far.

These trips are organized perfectly by my pal Filipo at Biko Adventures. Every road, ride, hotel and meal is meticulously planned.

Some photos from the day….