Vitalik: Ethereum, Part 1

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Part one of my interview with Vitalik Buterin about Ethereum and blockchains


Naval: Welcome back to the podcast. We have with us Haseeb Qureshi, who is a partner at Dragonfly and someone I used to work with back when I was more active in crypto-land. And we have Vitalik Buterin, who is, of course, the polymath genius—although he may bristle at that description—who created Ethereum, which was the first smart contract blockchain to gain any volume and changed the face of blockchain computing as we know it.

Haseeb, do you want to give us a quick, one-paragraph background on yourself?

Haseeb’s Background

Haseeb: I’m a software engineer by background and I’m now an investor. I run Dragonfly Capital, which is a global crypto fund—we only invest in crypto—and I’ve been doing this for a little bit over four years now.

It’s funny because when I first got into crypto, I remember I was actually at IC3, this academic crypto conference, where I met you and Vitalik for the first time. I had just left my job at Airbnb as a software engineer, and I remember I asked you, “What do you think is the most important problem to solve in crypto?” Your answer was something about wallets. You were like, “I think it’s important to build more wallets.” And at that time I had a vague understanding of what that meant, to build wallets. That was what triggered my dive down the rabbit hole of Ethereum.

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