5 Sales Enablement Tips to Close More Business in 2022

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Sales enablement is where sales and marketing overlap. It can mean different things for different companies, but it often involves content including whitepapers, pitch decks, case studies and emails (aka anything that helps the sales team educate and nurture prospective clients).

According to Highspot’s “State of Sales Enablement 2021” research report, sales enablement is becoming increasingly important and recognized in sales and marketing teams. The proportion of teams with a dedicated role in enabling sales jumped from 59 percent in 2019 to 74 percent in 2021. Even more important, the teams with a sales enablement function perform better than those without one.

Sales enablement works because it helps content connect more directly with how potential customers think and feel. Buyers are increasingly sophisticated and expect content that is tailored to them. Sales enablement does this by fueling content with insights informed by the sales cycle.


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