What is Social Selling and How Do You Do It?

It’s no secret that the way people find, research and buy the products or services they need has changed. The great consumer shift to online shopping has been ramping up for years and all of the world’s biggest brands have adapted to it with their own methods, knowing their continued viability depends on their ability to maintain digital transformation.

To illustrate the importance of this space, consider that 54 percent of U.S. consumers now prefer to shop online. 

So, how can sales representatives, account managers and other business development professionals adapt to a world that no longer prefers face-to-face interaction? What strategies or new approaches are available to close the gap?

There are a handful of different options, but social selling is arguably the most effective and worthwhile. We know 90 percent of top-performing sellers use social media in their sales strategy and that customers spend 20 percent to 40 percent more money on brands they’ve interacted with on social media, which provides a compelling argument for why businesses need to embrace this approach. 

But before you log into your social platform of choice to begin pitching your connections, it’s critical to have a strong foundational knowledge of what social selling is, what practices make it most impactful, and how to determine whether your efforts are paying off.

We’re here to help you start selling on social media the right way and avoid many of the common pitfalls that put sales representatives in precarious situations. Keep scrolling for our (Read more...)