Hello From Tel Aviv – A Week of Founders and Falafel

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning from Tel Aviv.

Here is the view of Tel Aviv from the Intercontinental and my morning run on the beach:

You can see from my hotel room that buildings are going up and it is quite the real estate boom happening in Israel.

I arrived last night from Italy and I quickly had my first great meal in Israel at ‘Malka’ on Dafna Street in Tel Aviv. I met up with Omri Casspi ( a living legend in Israel – the first Israeli NBA player from Israel and he played nine years) and his fund partner David Citron to talk about the Israeli start-up scene and venture. I am excited because Omri is going to be sitting with my Phoenix men’s group here with me in Israel to talk about all things NBA and Israeli venture markets tomorrow evening as well.

Most of you noticed that I took three days off from the blog for the first since I was sick in 2019. I am also skipping Momentum Monday today for the first time in five years because I do not feel like talking about the markets this week (at least I hope not).

It felt good to just do something different with my routine last week and try to get some extra rest.

Ellen and I had a great week in Tuscany. I almost blew the rest with five days in a row of intense cycling. I pushed too hard… but you live and learn.

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