How To Find the Best AI Opportunities in Your Business

This post is by Jessica Galang from Georgian

Building an AI product can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start. How do I attract the right people to build a working product or service? Do I have the right data? How do I know if using AI is the right way to solve my problems?

These are some of the questions answered at the latest CoLab Connect event on getting AI-ready. During a panel moderated by David Tingle, R&D Ops at Georgian, Georgian Head of Applied Research Parinaz Sobhani and DefenseStorm co-founder and chief product officer Edgardo Nazario explained how to over common challenges you’ll encounter when building an AI product. 

Prioritize AI opportunities

Let’s make sure that it’s not a solution looking for a problem, but rather we identify business problems that we see.

Edgardo Nazario

You can’t effectively apply AI to your business without knowing what problem you’re trying to solve. Similar to product development in any business, you’ll have to do the work — customer calls, discovery, evaluation of pain points — to figure out the right business problem to solve. 

In Georgian’s AI white paper, principles 1 and 2 explain this process of finding opportunities in more detail, which includes mapping your business processes, understanding your desired outcomes and prioritizing the opportunities based on value and effort. 

Sometimes, the highest value opportunities aren’t the best ones to pursue first if the effort is too high — you want to aim for something that can be delivered in the next six (Read more...)