Are VCs Indirectly Impacting Women Working in Tech?

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Before reading, please note: I identify as female (pronouns: she/her) and therefore I’ve written this with that perspective. Any reference of “female” could also be attributed to other non-male genders, however, since I am mostly sharing personal experiences, I’ve chosen to reference only what is applicable to me.

Most, if not all, founders are trying their best to build a gender-diverse team. Not only does it create an inclusive workplace, but there’s been very clear data for years that shows gender diversity improves performance in areas like profitability.

But if founders truly want better outcomes for their companies, then why do women still make up only around 30 percent of the workforce in tech? Although the responsibility falls on founders to create a diverse workplace, I’ve come to realize that venture could indirectly be playing a role in this narrative. Let me explain.


Funding distributed to all-female and mixed-gendered teams is lagging

On the surface it looks like the amount of funding going to women is rising. 

Funding distributed to female and mixed gender teams, according to Crunchbase News.

However, the percent (Read more...)