Makes You Think

A few lines I came across recently that got me thinking:

“It is far easier to figure out if something is fragile than to predict the occurrence of an event that may harm it.” – Nassim Taleb

“Survival is the ultimate performance measure.” – Vicki TenHaken

“Everything feels unprecedented when you haven’t engaged with history.” – Kelly Hayes

“My definition of wisdom is knowing the long-term consequences of your actions.” – Naval Ravikant

“I don’t deserve this award, but I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” – Jack Benny accepting a Emmy

“Half the distinguishing qualities of the eminent are actually disadvantages.” – Paul Graham

“It is difficult to remove by logic an idea not placed there by logic in the first place.” – Gordon Livingston

“The best arguments in the world won’t change a single person’s mind. The only thing that can do that is a good story.” - Richard Powers

“Comforts, once gained, become necessities. And if enough of those comforts become necessities, you eventually peel yourself away from any kind of common feeling with the rest of humanity.” – Sebastian Junger

“Technology finds most of its uses after it has been invented, rather than being invented to meet a foreseen need.” – Jared Diamond

“All behavior makes sense with enough information.” – My brother in law, a social worker

“It’s very common to be utterly brilliant and still think you’re way smarter than you actually are.” – Munger

“Science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers (Read more...)