How One Female Founder is Solving a Critical Gap in Health Care

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Grace Chang, a Berkeley-based entrepreneur, has spent the past three decades quietly building frontier technology across many of today’s preeminent security, enterprise, consumer, health and fintech companies. In this article, Chang shares her story and how her company, Kintsugi, a voice biomarkers software startup, is tackling access to mental health care head-on.

I started out life on difficult footing, with my family emigrating from Taiwan to the United States with modest means. This is an experience I share with my future co-founder, Rima Seiilova-Olson, who grew up in a yurt without running water or power in Kazakhstan. Both our families struggled to put food on the table, yet we managed to prioritize education above hunger, strife, alienation and even hope.

Everything related to mental health was taboo in our cultures. Today, although we have terms like boundaries, conditional love and along the spectrum to describe our childhood experiences, at the time, I couldn’t have (Read more...)