Top Tips for Mentoring and Developing Teams

This post is by David Gipstein from Georgian

This article was originally published on Georgian’s Growth Network, a private community designed to help Georgian companies scale their businesses through peer-peer collaboration and knowledge transfer. All employees from Georgian companies are invited to join the Growth Network here.

During my career, I’ve had several strong mentors, managers and coaches who have challenged me and helped me grow, both personally and professionally. On the flip side, I have been in the manager seat for almost 30 years (currently, I’m the Vice-President of Information Technology at Tracelink). I’ve also been a volunteer softball coach for more than 10 years and participated in a highly rewarding mentorship program called American Corporate Partners that helps military veterans transition to their next careers.

Being on both sides of the mentoring/managing/coaching relationship has taught me some important lessons about developing teams, and I’m pleased to share some tips with my peers in the Georgian community.

I think of these tips as sort of a continuum, beginning with the talent acquisition process and rippling through the talent development lifecycle:

Phase 1: Acquire

Find out what makes someone tick

During the talent acquisition phase, it’s critical to understand what motivates each individual who may join your team. I take the time to personally interview all finalists for all positions. When I’m talking to candidates, I want to understand what they’re passionate about, what drives them and what ignites a spark. You can tell when someone lights up because they’re talking about something truly meaningful. (Read more...)