Koyfin Founder Rob Koyfman on Investing and Valuation Fundamentals, What’s Happening in the Market, and Building Tools that Level the Playing Field

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All of a sudden valuations matter. As cloud stocks plummet, coal stocks hit all-time highs. This technology boom finally made fertilizer and coal cool again?! When we invested in Koyfin back in 2019, all the cool kids were investing and trading from their smartphones. I believed the desktop would be cool again as the next generation that became passionate about stocks and markets would want to lean back and dig into the markets and fundamentals. They would need a modern Bloomberg, one at a reasonable price. A terminal that would allow them to compare stocks and markets and dive deep into company fundamentals.

I invited Koyfin founder Rob Koyfman onto the ‘Panic’ podcast so we could talk fundamentals, what’s happening in the market, and how he thinks about building a product for a world that hasn’t cared about fundamentals for a long time.

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Guest: Rob Koyfman

Profile: Founder of Koyfin

Where to Find HimLinkedIn, Twitter

What’s Rob Panicked About?: Being a new dad.

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The Takeaway:

If you’ve done damage to your portfolio and psyche it won’t be the first time. Markets change. Valuations eventually matter. Take these difficult market moments and figure out what kind of (Read more...)