You Stupid Son Of A Bitch

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Today, Jerome Powell will be babbling about inflation and is expected to raise interest rates.

Despite everyone knowing what he is going to say, everyone is still talking about it.

That is how markets work in an era of a thousand communication apps.

In an era where if you do a little digging you can follow the smartest people in the world – for free – most people just choose to follow and be stupid son’s of bitches.

Thank goodness I guess.

Too bad Biden has apologized for calling Doocey a stupid son of a bitch.

In an era where Yellowstone and 1883 are my favorite new shows, I am fond of the saying. Stupid son of a bitch is Americana. If you were a stupid son of a bitch in early America you were doomed. Now the President apologizes for you.

Changing subject, these Kansas City fans are some wonderful sons of bitches.

Back to Powell…

I have no idea what surprises he has in store for investors/traders so I asked my followers on Stocktwits and Twitter (some funny answers).

My favorite answer – He’ll appease the markets. They’re firefighters not arsonists.

Should be an interesting day.