The World After Capital Print Edition

After many years of writing in public, I am super thrilled to finally announce that my book The World After Capital is now available in print

The digital version will remain online for free and the content continues to be creative commons licensed. There is no subtitle and the back cover is free of annoying blurbs (just a beautiful blue). All four of those points are meaningful to me and yet every publisher I talked to insisted that those are terrible ideas and they wouldn’t publish the book that way. So I am publishing it myself. Suck it.

A great many people have contributed to the book over the years and the acknowledgments are an attempt to thank some of them. The print edition wouldn’t exist without Mona Alsubaei’s amazing work on charts, bibliography, last minute edits and more. The design of the print edition was created by the wonderful team at Looping Group who are amazing to work with. Any remaining errors are of course my responsibility.

Here is me beaming while I hold the first copy:

All net proceeds will go to the Eutopia Foundation (outdated website – a project for another day). For now suffice it to say that Eutopia is how Susan and I are supporting projects that are inspired by some of the thinking in The World After Capital.

So GO BUY THE BOOK and tell all your friends about it – no matter if you like it or if you hate it ;)