How One Female Founder Made it Her Mission to End Unaffordable Vision Care

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As the granddaughter of a South African wildlife photographer, I understood from an early age the unique role our eyes play in how we see the world. 

I started wearing contacts at 11 years old and after nearly two decades of using lenses every day, I was frustrated with the quality and extortionate costs of contact lenses sold by large pharmaceutical companies. My mom was born partially blind in one eye, so vision has always played a very big role in my life and upbringing. 

After graduating from the University of Cape Town, I took on various marketing and corporate strategy roles in Switzerland and London. I then decided to take a year out of corporate life and did a master’s at Harvard, which is where I developed the idea for WALDO.


The inspiration behind WALDO

Today, WALDO is a direct-to-consumer eyecare brand that wants to change the way people feel (Read more...)