Georgian’s Top 5 Articles for 2021

This post is by Jessica Galang from Georgian

Between continuously adapting to changing COVID-19 situations and hybrid work environments, 2021 was another challenging year where growing your company and your culture was a balancing act.

We rounded up the top articles that entrepreneurs found the most helpful.

1. G7: The Seven SaaS Metrics Georgian Uses to Evaluate Growth-stage Software Companies

After analyzing data from 100+ technology IPOs and private benchmarks — covering over 2,000 growth stage software companies —  we determined the “top” metrics that helped define our own companies’ success. In this blog, we explain the “G7 metrics” that evaluate the strength of a growing company, including examples and explanations of how to use them. 

2. How to Build Customer Success into Your Company’s DNA

Customer success is a long-term game that ensures your customers are benefitting from your product long after a sale. Georgian’s Peter Szary shares the patterns he’s observed in growing companies over his 25 years of experience; use this guide to ensure you’re on the right track for scaling your CS strategy.

3. Three Leadership Principles for 2021

Joe DiBartolomeo, head of go-to-market at Georgian, reflected on three core themes that came up in conversations with leaders that were trying to adapt their workplaces during COVID-19. In this piece, Joe talks about the importance of emotional intelligence, aligning your team towards a common goal and simplifying your process to scale. 

4. How an Experienced CRO Thinks about Building a Revenue Engine

An experienced CRO is important for scaling up, but what the role (Read more...)