How to Sell to a Hybrid Buyer: 6 Tips for Success

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As the pandemic stubbornly refuses to end, we’ve had to adapt and embrace new models of working and living. “Hybrid” isn’t just a climate-conscious car anymore; it’s now come to describe the way we work and do business. 

For salespeople, the shift to digital has always been inevitable, albeit slow-moving. A new sales model has emerged since the start of the pandemic that sales reps need to be aware of: the hybrid buyer. The B2B buying process has changed dramatically, and the B2B buyer with it. So, who is the hybrid buyer? How are their needs different from the previous in-person sales calls? What does this mean for the future of sales? 

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The hybrid buying process

The hybrid buying process is a combination of human and nonhuman processes that make up the buying experience. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. 

A recent research report from Forrester found that in 2019, the average buyer participated in 17 interactions before making a purchase. Those interactions (Read more...)