B2B Sales Tips & Techniques to Win More Deals 

B2B sales, or business to business sales, is the practice of selling products and services from one business to another. According to Forrester, the value of B2B selling is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023, which dwarfs predictions for the B2C market. 

To acquire a piece of the pie, implementing proper B2B sales techniques is crucial. But what is B2B sales on a deeper level, and how can you ensure you’re implementing the most effective B2B sales techniques? In this guide, we discuss what B2B sales is and how to refine your sales processes to win more deals.

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What is B2B sales?

Understanding B2B sales is simple. It refers to businesses that specialize in selling their products and services to other companies. This is in direct contrast to B2C sales, which involves selling directly to consumers. If your organization is selling to a business entity, you’re in the world of B2B.


Types of B2B sales

Depending on the product and the type of business model adopted by the seller, there are three different B2B sales examples to account for. Let’s examine three different B2B sales models.

  1. Supply

A B2B seller operating a supply model will be responsible for selling consumables that (Read more...)