Mapped: Solar Power by Country in 2021

This post is by Govind Bhutada from Visual Capitalist

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Solar Power by Country

Mapped: Solar Power by Country in 2021

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The world is adopting renewable energy at an unprecedented pace, and solar power is the energy source leading the way.

Despite a 4.5% fall in global energy demand in 2020, renewable energy technologies showed promising progress. While the growth in renewables was strong across the board, solar power led from the front with 127 gigawatts installed in 2020, its largest-ever annual capacity expansion.

The above infographic uses data from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to map solar power capacity by country in 2021. This includes both solar photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power capacity.

The Solar Power Leaderboard

From the Americas to Oceania, countries in virtually every continent (except Antarctica) added more solar to their mix last year. Here’s a snapshot of solar power capacity by country at the beginning of 2021:

CountryInstalled capacity, megawattsWatts* per capita% of world total
China ??254,35514735.6%
U.S. ??75,57223110.6%
Japan ??67,0004989.4%
Germany ??53,7835937.5%
India ??39,211325.5%
Italy ??21,6003453.0%
Australia ??17,6276372.5%
Vietnam ??16,504602.3%
South Korea ??14,5752172.0%
Spain ??14,0891862.0%
United Kingdom ??13,5632001.9%
France ??11,7331481.6%
Netherlands ??10,2133961.4%
Brazil ??7,881221.1%
Turkey ?? (Read more...)