Living Security CEO and Co-Founder Ashley Rose on Solving Human Cybersecurity Risk

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Ashley Rose is the CEO and co-founder of Living Security. Living Security is a human risk management platform that’s moving the needle in enterprise security by effectively changing human behavior and proactively identifying vulnerabilities.

Prior to founding Living Security, Rose worked on a software team at American Campus Communities, where she quickly developed a strong intuition for delivering customer-centric solutions. She and her husband, Drew Rose, realized that amidst growing cybersecurity threats, there was a massive need at enterprises to improve security training and have a way to measure whether they were reducing risks. In 2017, the duo launched Living Security and now have more than 130 enterprise companies leveraging Living Security’s solutions.

In this Q&A, Ashley shares her journey launching a startup, how she raised more than $20 million in under four years, and the biases she faced from investors. 

Ashley Rose, CEO and Co-founder of Living Security.

Q: Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

I have always loved solving problems and helping others by making their lives a little easier. I think that’s really what drives my innovative spirit and led me down this path of founding a company. I first dipped my toe into the entrepreneurial pool as a young mom. I was at the beach, (Read more…)