Dopesick and CryptoHealthy

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Happy Saturday everyone.

It was a Zoom and paperwork week for me which meant five days of sitting in front of my desktop. I am addicted to my new iMac. It is my work machine of choice.

Tomorrow, Ellen and I are off to New York again and then Toronto for a few days. I want to see ‘The Lehman Chronicles’ and ‘Jagged Little Pill’ on Broadway.

We watched ‘Dopesick‘ this week which I highly recommend. Dopesick the book I hear was incredible and the HULU series is full of great performances. The story itself is horrific. As a nation we should be ashamed. I am grateful it has not touched our close family.

I am also grateful that our family has been Crypohealthy the last few years.

Fred Wilson has a great new post up for people that are looking to get started today. Have a read.

Ever since I first writing about Bitcoin on my blog, I have followed just a few people – Yoni Assia, Fred Wilson, Chris Dixon, Vinny Lingham and Kyle Samani. My good friends Jan Van Eck, Mike Dudas , Justin Paterno and Chris Cantino have taken me deeper into the space and helped me understand NFT’s and the web 3.0 ecosystem.

They are the team that keeps me cryptohealthy.

I was searching my blog for when I first wrote about Bitcoin. It was the year 2013. I wrote ‘Bitcoin…Winning?’

I got a lot right…

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