Recycling in America: How Can Investors Help Fix a Broken System?

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ROI of Recycling in America

Recycling in America: Can Investors Help Fix a Broken System?

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Many are familiar with this mantra, but it’s not always easy to practice what we preach.

Even though most Americans want to recycle, not enough of them actually can. In fact, nearly 40 million households in the U.S. have little to no access to recycling.

This infographic from the Recycling Partnership highlights why this gap persists, and provides solutions to help bridge it. It also explains why bold investments in recycling now could have potential payoffs down the line.

The Reality of Recycling Issues in America

Of 47 million tons of total generated recyclables in a year, only one-third is actually recovered. This disparity is attributed to a combination of factors: lack of recycling access, education, and infrastructure.

As a result, the curbside recycling rate in the U.S. is only 32%. If progress continues at this glacial pace, the country will only achieve equitable access to recycling for all households in 150 years.

Recycling in America is broken—so why is now the opportune time to fix it?

Consumer Demands Are Fueling Global Targets

First and foremost, consumers are demanding change: 84% of consumers expect packages to be recyclable. The corporate sector is responding positively to these demands. Over 450 of the world’s largest companies have come together to sign a commitment to:

  • Eliminate single-use, unnecessary plastic packaging
  • Make all plastic packaging 100% reusable, recyclable, or (Read more...)