The 3 Presentation Templates Junior Sales Reps Need

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Selling has never been easy, particularly for sales representatives starting their careers or learning new products and territories. Throw in a global pandemic, remote selling and economic uncertainties, and it’s harder than ever to connect with and wow buyers. 

It’s imperative sales teams have the tools and processes it takes to win in this selling environment. The more streamlined and seamless those tools and processes are, the better, particularly for junior reps who are still learning the ropes. Thankfully, technology exists today to  ease the learning curve for these reps and help them hit the ground running to move leads through the sales cycle. 


Modern presentation software 

Sales collateral has always played an important role in converting leads into new business. 

How sales teams have created and shared that collateral has changed over time, in large part due to advances in technology and, more recently, the pandemic. This means tweaking the same old PowerPoint deck won’t cut it anymore. 

Presentation software today is so much more than a single, static presentation deck. Savvy organizations recognize buyers demand more and invest in technology that sets teams (Read more...)