Never Ever Ever a Better Time To Start A Company …Angel List Stack

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

In the early 1990’s when I started my first software company (MicroBase), it would take a few weeks for the phone company to show up at your office. Getting a bank account was a brutal process and that was just for paper checks. We sold software in packaged boxes through retailers like Egghead that went bankrupt on us or paid ‘net never’.  There was no internet and even though it was Phoenix, I remember having to walk through snow six miles uphill both ways everyday.

Life for an entrepreneur keeps getting better in 2021 and it does not hurt that global warming killed snow and the FED makes it rain US Dollars.

Recently AngelList launched Angel stack to help people effortlessly create a fundraising-ready startup. Angel stack includes: Incorporation, Banking, Equity Management, Fundraising, and Hiring.

AngelList stack provides:

– A Delaware C Corporation with founder-friendly docs
– An interest-bearing checking account with free wires
– Physical and virtual debit cards
– An automatically updating cap table
– Single link fundraising (direct & RUV)

The total cost is just $500.

Yesterday I was speaking to Avlok, the AngelList CEO, and he said the uptake has been incredible.

It is great news that not only is it the easiest and best time to start a company, but that people are taking advantage of it by starting their company with products like Angel stack.

Make sure you tell your friends and kids about it.

Disclosure – I am an investor in AngelList and been (Read more...)