Sunday Reads and Listens… Listen To This Podcast With Chris Dixon and Naval on Crypto and Web 3.0

Before I get started…

I pushed it hard for two weeks in New York and I am exhausted.

I will be back in New York the week of the 15th and Toronto for my mom’s 80th so I need some rest.

My diet was awful and I feel awful. New York food is my curse.


I do not want to distract your Sunday with reading links today…you just need to listen.

I am flying home right now and I just finished listening to Tim Ferris interview Naval and Chris Dixon on all things crypto, NFT and Web 3.0 and it was FANTASTIC.

I have never listened to a podcast for two hours and I was just blown away and gave the podcast my full attention.

Chris Dixon is the ‘Terminator’ of technology investing (he just keeps at you relentlessly with genius and wisdom and money making ideas and trends and plain english) and Naval is the Master of communication on all things technology investing and startups.

If you invest the time in this podcast you will be a better investor…period.

Tim makes footnotes to the podcast so don’t stress yourself taking notes.

Have a great Sunday.