Why we’re leading Dala’s $1.4M Pre-Seed to add much-needed context to search

This post is by Natasha Lytton from Seedcamp

Could this meeting have been an email?

This is a question a lot of us have been asking ourselves over the last 18 months. If we weren’t familiar with the terms async, hybrid and remote before, we most certainly are now. When the Covid-19 pandemic forced most people to rethink ways of working and how best to collaborate online and, in many cases, with people we’d never met in person before, with it came a slew of new tools and products promising to ease the transition into remote work. At this point, colleagues Haroun Hickman and Joel Kang found themselves in meeting after meeting. Their complementary skill sets meant that one would require the other for constant, but never sufficient, support.

Dala Co-founders Joel Kang and Haroun Hickman

Like most great ideas, Dala was born out of a genuine need and pain point experienced by Haroun and Joel. Their conversations around how difficult it was to constantly stay up to date with all the micro details and changes that happen on a daily basis quickly turned into a more philosophical question: why do we need meetings at all? People are in meetings typically to gain and share context; context that is missing because knowledge is fragmented, people are distributed, and communication is hard. This conversation is something many companies have been grappling and trying to solve for including the likes of fellow portfolio company, tl;dv.

As we experience a shift in market dynamics with greater power in the (Read more...)