Bitcoin Valuation Crosses $1 Trillion …But Is It Worthless?

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

I took the day off the blog yesterday. I slept in which always surprises me.


We know three things for sure in 2021:

1. There will always be flat earthers

2. There will be people that won’t take the vaccine

3.  People (ok just Jamie Dimon and my father in law) think Bitcoin is ‘worthless’.

Jamie Dimon was answering a question on the internet  (I think from my father in law and of course with a camera angle that people over 60 perfected where we could see his nose hair) and believes Bitcoin is worthless.  Here is the video.

People say dumb things on the internet all the time, but this is Jamie Dimon, worth two billion himself. His company was also fined $920 million last year for manipulating precious metals and the treasury market.

This Jamie Dimon troll was funny:

Live and never learn I guess.

Elsewhere on the world wide web, my friend Pomp was ‘deplatformed’ by YouTube for a few hours and all his videos removed for riffing bullishly about Bitcoin.

Here is ‘Pomp’ explaining the sequence of events.

I really like ‘Pomps’ Twitter stream which never wavers on the price appreciation inevitability of Bitcoin.

His flavor is unique, his marketing game is strong, his traffic instincts are genius and his content is interesting.

Yesterday he summed up his nerve wracking day with this:

No wonder decentralization is coming and Bitcoin keeps appreciating.

I will leave you today with this Bitcoin factoid from ‘Pomp’:

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