As Industry Regulators Try To Catch Up, Diverse Investors Are Already Making Moves

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It’s been known for a while now that the heads of industries are predominantly white and male. With such a lack of diversity among C-level executives, lots of questions are being asked about how well placed our industries are to cater to the majority of consumers. 

There is also the question of progress as a society, especially with recent events revolving around BLM and other civil rights movements. To that end, the CFA Institute, a global nonprofit organization that provides investment education, released a diversity draft code of conduct to address the most pressing issues. 

In this article, we will cover what the CFA’s new draft code means in regard to overall steps towards diversity, the inroads that have been made in the venture capital community, and the biggest hurdles yet to be overcome.


Steps for progress

The CFA’s draft code of conduct covers six different areas in which it believes improvement can be seen and was built as a collaboration between a variety of institutes and working leaders.

After all, any potential signatories to this voluntary code are driven by the fact that 57 (Read more...)