Momentum Monday From Italy – Chops and Flops

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

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The market actually went down last week.

I won’t be in country to save it this week, so please everyone do your part.

The first of my eight rides in Italy began Sunday, a mostly downhill, get your head and legs ready 29 mile ride from the Austria/Italy border to the city/town of Brixen which is spectacular.

I am with a group of friends coordinated by my pal Mike Dean who turned 56 yesterday. I turn 56 as well this Friday. Some cocktails were and will be consumed…

This morning I have a nasty climb into the Dolomites but the reward I am told is sheer beauty.

Back to the business of Momentum…

You can watch/listen to the episode on YouTube as always here. I have embedded the show below on my blog:

Ivanhoff’s comments :

September came and volatility has picked up with it. Last week we saw quite a few breakouts reversing and good setups breaking apart. It’s about time some would say. We have become so accustomed to the slow grind higher than even a 1% down day seems like a big selloff. It’s all about perceptions. Pullbacks are a (Read more...)