Sunday Reads and Listens

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Today I head off into the Dolomites for eight days of riding with my friends.

I did not see much of Munich, but liked what I saw and the food was great. There was a great Saturday market I stumbled into and ate like a pig.

I also caught this amazing soccer dribbler doing his street art and caught a few minutes on video. The gentleman did not drop the ball for over 10 minutes.

I had a lot of time to read the last few days. I will start with a sad but great piece from Esquire titled ‘The Falling Man‘.

Ellen and I watched a few 9/11 memorial shows the last few weeks. It is impossible to forget.

Next up, a couple of great reads from Ben Thompson including ‘The App Store Trap‘ and ‘Regulators and Reality‘.

The next piece is on Joe Lubin (Tornoto boy), ‘Wall Street’s Crypto Whisperer‘.

I loved this piece from Seth Godin titled ‘Speculation Is The New Luxury Good‘. This gem from Seth…Speculation is a great hobby if you can afford it, but it shouldn’t be confused with investment.

Finally from HBR- ‘Founder Led Companies Outperform The Rest – Here’s Why‘.

As for a podcasts, I enjoyed my friend Jim O’Shaughnessy talking to Alex Danco (I have had hi on my podcast) on the subject of ‘World Building‘.

Have a great Sunday.