Notion acquires India’s in push to accelerate product expansion

Notion said on Wednesday it has acquired, an Indian startup that builds connectivity and integrations with over 200 services, as the workplace productivity startup looks to accelerate its product expansion to become more compelling for tens of millions of individuals and businesses that are increasingly moving to digital collaborative tools.

The San Francisco-headquartered startup, which was last valued at $2 billion in private markets, said the acquisition of the Hyderabad-headquartered Automate will help Notion understand the know-how of — and leverage — the 200 integrations the Indian startup has developed to give users and enterprises alike the ability to bring their most workflows into Notion.

The acquisition, first for Notion, is a “strategic piece to our puzzle,” said Akshay Kothari, chief operating officer of Notion, in an interview with TechCrunch. “It’s a sizable acquisition,” he said, though he did not disclose the terms of the deal.

Acquiring Automate — which had only raised capital once, and that too largely from friends and family, and which like Notion is profitable — is also enabling Notion to set up an engineering center in India, its first outside of the U.S., he said. (He expects to set up more offices in India, where the startup’s product is already popular especially among startup circles, in the future.)

Automate has developed a wide-range of integrations with firms operating in several industries including e-commerce, payments, marketing, social, and productivity. One of the firms it has built a number of integrations for is Notion.