Sunday Reads and Listens…The Markets Are On My Mind

This post is by Howard Lindzon from Howard Lindzon

Good morning everyone.

Google turned 23 years old yesterday. I joked on Twitter that I hope they finally find a business model and get their act together:

I think everyone wants to know if we are in a bubble right now.

I had John Street Capital on my podcast last week and he summed up our financial moment in time right now as this:

Quantitative easing turned your savings account into checking…The bond market into your savings account…the equity market into the bond market…the venture capital markets into equity markets and gave rise to crypto

You can listen to it here.

The SEC has been quiet for what seems like 1,000 years. Gary Gensler the new head of SEC and of course former Goldman Sachs partner won’t shut up. He has a Twitter account and is having a lovely time sharing all his media appearances. I thought his Twitter account was a good idea at first because it showed he might be listening. Alas, it is just to push his confusing agenda.

While Gensler is on his media tour moving markets looking to help Goldman Sachs, the WSJ has a story about ‘The Social Media Stars Who Move Markets‘.

Charlie had three great posts that I want to link to but his tweet summary of the move in Solana really stopped me in my tracks (I have been a lucky owner from the start from my investment in Multicoin):

The first is about the top 30 stocks (Read more...)